Thursday, December 9, 2010

In which Detinos is delayed at the airport

In Which Detinos is delayed at the airport
Warnings: Character is inconsiderate, and something of a peacock. Multiple partners situation, murder, and Detinos.
Notes: This is a character from an RP that me Amanda, and Kim made up. I thought I'd post my shorts here so I can find them easier. Also character is immortal (in the way that he is young forever).

Geoffry walked down the hall and into his master's bedroom. glancing down at the sleeping figure he sighed and opened the curtains. Outside the busy street of Rome was already starting to fill with pedestrians. He looked back at his master and sighed again when he saw that he had simply drawn the covers up to his eyes.

"Sir," he said as patiently as he could. "Your flight is scheduled to take off in two hours."

"Go away Geoffry," came Detinos' muffled voice. "'is too early." Geoffry frowned and went over to the bed, he tugged the bed covers away from Detinos' figure and nearly blushed bright red (luckily his butler code would not allow him to do so) at the sight of the two women and three men in bed with his master.

"Well now you've just woken us all up," said Detinos in an amused voice. He was now sitting up, his black hair perfectly mussed and green eyes sparkling with mirth. The people around him laughed and giggled at the obviously distressed butler. Detinos ran his hands through one of the men nearest to him's hair, smirking as his lovers pressed closer to him.

"Now, now my friends," he said in Italian. "I must go." Groans of disappointment sounded through his room. "I would have it different if I could."

"No, Mr. Detinos don't go," said one of the women. "What if we never see you again?"

"Ah, well. At least you can tell your friends about your wonderful experience," Detinos smirked. "Or not at your discretion." Bouts of laughter sounded through the room again.

"Where do you go Mr. Detinos?" asked one of the men.

"Back to the United States I'm afraid," he said with an almost put upon sigh. There were gasps.

"Oh, no! You should not go there, they do not like foreigners! Stay here with us instead," the man brushed a kiss against Detinos' lips, and the immortal was more then happy to deepen it. They broke off and the man flushed.

"Ah, mes amis how kind of you to worry for me," he said. "But I must go, business you know." he stood and stretched, taking the towel that Geoffry held out to him. "And now ladies and gentlemen I must bid you farewell. Have a good life will you?" With that he turned and walked away without another thought.

After showering he put on his silk red shirt with a golden scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. His gun was strapped onto his hip underneath the light knee length gold coat that he wore. Black sturdy pants were put on and then his shined black boots.

He looked at himself in the mirror with a smirk. "Quite fetching sir," said Geoffry stiffly.

Detinos scoffed. "Of course anything looks good on me." He stepped out of the mansion and onto the curb just as his limo drove up. The driver quickly opened the door. Stepping in he turned to the phone that was in its holster. A little old fashioned perhaps in this day and age of cell phones, but really with all the people who knew him it would be tantamount to social suicide if he carried a contraption like that around with him.

Picking it up he called the line to his company in Coltson. A peppy young secretary picked up the phone and immediately rerouted him to one of the managers.

“Sir,” stumbled the voice over the phone. “I’m glad you called.”

“I’m not,” Detinos said in a cool voice. He avoided smirking at the squeak he heard. “What is so urgent that I simply must come across an entire ocean for?”

“W-well,” the man said. “We have picked out a new CEO and thought, you would want to see them.”

“A new CEO? What happened to the old one?”

“You, uh you shot him sir.”

“Oh, did I?” There was a pause. “Ah, yes I remember he was that idiot who thought putting more of my assets into charity would be a good idea. You haven’t gotten another one those types I trust?”

“No, no sir.” Detinos gave a put upon sigh.

“Very well then, I will be there in a day or two.”

“Thank you sir, thank y-“ Detinos clicked the phone off and leaned back in his chair.


Detinos showed no outward sign of impatience, but as the pilot continued to stumble over his words trying to explain why they were late in taking off, he had just about had it.

“I see, a four hour delay,” he said in dangerous calm. “Well, that simply won’t do.” His pistol was out and a shot rang through the airline. The pilot’s body fell. Detinos ignored his people running up to collect the body as he turned to the co-pilot. “Why don’t you explain it to me again?”

The now pilot shook his head. “No delays sir,” he said with only a slight tremble in his voice.

“Good,” said Detinos and entered his private jet. He would be at the RIFH soon. It had been nearly nine years since he had been there. He smiled slightly. It was sure to be a riot.

Night's Unsleep

Night’s Unsleep
Warnings: Written after getting zero hours of sleep
Notes: The Painting is Slavadar Doli

Waking up from a long night’s vigilance
And all around running through your ears is dissonance
Because it’s not really there
It’s at the bottom of the eyre
Floating all numb tingling up the spine
And it’s all truly strange, now there’s a line
Between hands and eyes and mind
And they should be all affined.
So stand there and stare
Because you you’re disconnected from there
And it will only last a time

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dreaming Reality

Dreaming Reality
Warnings: Death, depressing
Sequel to this Dream Mate poem I wrote a few months ago.

Mist brushed the streets
Dirty with grime and gunk, streaked with the work of the night.
Bundles of people tight
Walk with unsteady steps through the obscured light.
The mist swirls and twists and turns and swells
Ambushing the bright noon, shifting safety to risky.
Standing lofty far above the hushed bustle
Sit those secure behind those tinted panes
Seeming more as a skeleton then muscle
As exuberance is sucked through the life giving green
And ears are turned away from screens bright with red.
Tinted panes that hide the filth and muck are no protection
From eyes sharp and hands steady across the way.
Creeping, stalking he watches closely the inspection
And the mist eddying around him, blocks thoroughly any more eyes prying
Before he steps up onto the ledge and is suddenly flying.
Brief moment of roaring, rushing, and deafening wind thundering
Against drums.
Da, da, dum. Da, da, dum. Da, da, dum. Thunk.
Landing quietly against the façade security.
Quietly turning his black covered head
Birds fall out of the corner of his eye
And he hangs on to the thin thread
That keeps him here on the veneer reaching to the sky
And the mist reaches in and wrenches into his wits
Take a deep, deep
Out too
Breath plunges out. I’m breathing out.
His footsteps in the dark, echoing like a shout
The mist pervades
Shifting searching shielding spiteful
Shhh, shhh
The door is open a crack letting the one
Light out, signaling that its begun
The man steps through to the artificial
The man calling, back turned
Only for a moment
The cord whips ‘round and alarmed eyes like rodents
The rodent cries a question. ‘Who?’
And the man is suddenly there knife poised
Make no noise
Make no hum, nor echo, or crash. Don’t clatter. Click, clack
Do you hear it the guns in the distance? Do you hear the weeps and wails of the street?
Do you hear humanity?

The security blocks it out. The vast buildings of forged nobility.
Do you hear past the mist? Do you hear the river?
‘You’re insane!’
Blank eyes blink, as they stare into the panicked soul
I am the end and the beginning. I am birth and death. I take the guiltless and the guilty. I have shouts in my heart, corpses in my ears, and death in my eyes.
Repeat the words. Just words, don’t mean anything
The corporate man’s eyes are now emptying
Through the red that pours onto his hands
And the man is back on the street
Below the worthless security that was wrapped so tightly
And the mist has returned to his mind
He tilts and follows the wind
That flows out of the buildings
And down under the ground
To where he begins to drowned
Report, repeat, don’t mention the wrong order
Or the mist
Waiting until the sun goes down
Time to get out of the dream go into
As the clock strikes one
And the blood is washed off in the river
Rushing roaring, covering the shrieks
Kind eyes soften the death
Comfort returns to the man
Until five to six
He is thrown back into out of the fantasy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Traveling Poems

Traveling Poems

Author note: A bunch of small poems about what I saw on Trax today. Fun, silly, and not well thought out. Some of these things did not happen, others did. I didn't see a crash for example.

Broken fence by the wayside
Bending awkwardly without a care
As the train goes by
It catches my eye
And sets in motion
This poem

Pretty car rolls on by
As a truck flies past it’s rear
And a bouncing tire hits the trax
Causing quite a crash

Big pink bag
In the lap
Bright and blinding
Has a V for victory
And houses all those precious things
Like an orange cell phone

Pile of logs
By a hog
Piled up high
Right up to the sky
Come crashing down
Never to be found

And the clock blinks five
As the sun falls down the sky
The wind blows hot
Winter it is not
Passing brown grass
Through the window glass

Old, boring building old
Has suddenly become bold
With bright orange and gold
Painted, waiting to be told

Giant glass hospital
Sits in the middle
With parking lot loud
And blue signs around

Electric plant sizzles
As sparks and things fizzle
Around the wires
People talk flyers

Blinking light blink
Red and warning
Don’t go another inch
Or you’ll loose your stitch

Freeway towers
Right over the flowers
And cars and things too
As the yellow flags fly

White fence that represents
Family and friends and green grass
Stereotype of the fifties alright
Except it’s up on a wall
And has a screaming pit-bull

Tennis ball bounce
Over the net it goes, but to far
It’s landed in the neighbor’s yard

Flowers dear
Grow up in the rear
On the stone
As the brush goes up
And paints the wide petals

And as the line comes to a stop
I hear the driver talk
“End of the line. It’s time to get off.”

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lost Traveler: A Fairytale

The Lost Traveler: A Fairytale
Warning: None

There is one man that travels the earth
Who used to defeat wrongs and create the birth
Of hope to all and goodness forever
He ran wild and free, believing his chosen field
Until he was told, that a hand above drove his endeavor.

Suddenly he had no choice at all
Instead of helping those that had harm befall
He was forced to do tasks that were termed ‘good’
By those that would use humanity’s misunderstood
Community to control the ignorant masses.

And as his illusion fell from his eyes he began to realize
That ‘good’ was nothing more than effort to demoralize
Those that are ‘evil’.

So he scuttled into those places that were dark and damp
Away from the all seeing sun and the crony’s clamp
For under the shining light is what is true
Beneath the façade, absent are the fabrications
So he followed the path into the said damnation.

And he stayed in a corner of the dirty streets
Determined to choose something for himself, even if it was his defeats.
It was here, in the places that ‘good’ people ignored
In the place where those who have sinned had fallen that the traveler
Had his ability to alleviate pain restored.

One child came up to him and handed him the hope of life.
“Mama said I couldn’t keep him,” said the child. “But he needs to live too.”
And the traveler was soon looking down at a runt of a kitten.
The naïve green eyes stared up at him and it gave a soft mew

It was this simple creature, a being that had been deemed beneath those that ruled
That restored the traveler’s core being.
He could still help those who needed it, all those who needed it.
Instead of helping the ‘good’, he’d help humanity.
There was no need for a reward, or a paradise after he lived.

He lived now, the kitten lived now, everything that lived now was what mattered
His choice was clear, morality had nothing to do with the being in the sky
And everything to do with this kitten battered
He was done being the fall guy
To those who couldn’t accept those who were different
And used the all seeing being as an excuse
To bruise and tear and split apart the psyche and physical well being of those they detest

So the traveler began to move among the masses of the dark
Spreading the truth, that the all seeing being was not all powerful
And the kitten followed this path that they embarked
Small and frail though it was, it grew and was delightful
As those that were wronged invaded the shining façade
And blew up the illusions that were told around the world

As those that were wronged were brought to light
The traveler and kitten were freed overnight
To go about the world and help all who needed it
From the smallest atom to the largest mammal
And the all seeing being in the sky ceased to exist

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The House that Nobody Wants

The House that Nobody Wants
Warnings: Implied violence and murder

Across the pasture and over the hill
Past the ritzy suites and pools
Down a winding road that nobody runs
In a forest that nobody crosses
Lies a house that nobody wants

The gates are lofty and solid
The thorns creep up and wind ‘round
As one rose blooms it falls to the ground
And decays alongside the gates stolid
Outside the house that nobody wants

Grass has browned as deep as the dirt
Growing tall and consuming, no animal remains
No bug crawls into the ground’s veins
And there is, but one tree which has lost all its leaves
Outside the house that nobody wants

The porch creeks and groans as the wind washes through
The paint has curled into itself subdued
By the rocking chair that sways to and fro
The door remains locked even as the sun grows hot
Outside the house that nobody wants

And dark is the hall that keeps the shadows so well
The chandelier flickers dim, the only light in the grim.
The grime sticking close to the floor that is moist
And red runs down through the floorboards unbound
In the house that nobody wants

Right of light is the dining room bright
See if you can, flickers of past pains
Keeping here secret knives along with the spoons
As the food slowly grows rancid and decays through the wood
In the house that nobody wants

Slowly moving out to the ballroom, windows shuttered
Tiles having lost their shine as dust falls loosely around the old wine
Watch as the couples dance, moving through spirits plenty
Music plays restrained not quite there
In the house that nobody wants

Back to the hall and up the stairs, lay rooms stilled
And in one called the ‘guest’ remains nothing to be seen
It has been cleaned out and packaged to stop the injury
Nothing mars this perfect face, except for a crack beside the base
In the house that nobody wants

Venture further through the rooms and come upon
One which has a window open
The bed is made and freshly cleaned
Though dust remains beneath sheets
In the house that nobody wants

Gasping for breath travel on through creeks and turns and groans and moans
Step across the blood around the halls
And through the bared doors
Watch the spirits and ghosts of the past as they begin to peak out
In the house that nobody wants

And through the house the dust begins to clear
The doors become unlocked and painted and dear
Boards that creek become grass that is soft
And ghosts that groan slowly begin to blur
In the house that nobody wants

Softly at first and then louder still, comes the noise of rushing water
Sun pours through alighting the waterfall causing colors to dance
Fairies dance beneath the beam as fauns graze and lush rich green
When the sun is gone the moon alights and the palace becomes silvery white
In the middle of the house that nobody wants

And as you move back out of the house
There are clues that you may have missed
That hint at deeper beautiful things
Even as the grotesque and dreadful cover it up
The locks to protect and keep away even more of the things
In the house that nobody wants

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wraiths of Dreams

Wraiths of Dreams
Warnings: None
Author Notes: This wasn't what I meant to write when I stole my brother's computer, but it is what came out. Hopefully I'll be able to write what I meant to tomorrow.

Through the wood
Across the plain
Shadows grow as night descends.
Things that blend, and steeped with the dark of thousands of thoughts
Creep into the moonlit beam.
Silence encompasses lakes and rivers as the shadows waver
Beneath the luminous wide universe
Shadows stay silent as the dreams of mortals flow past
Creating rivers of arcane visions.
The shadows shimmer as the dreams are soaked and taken
Rising toward the gossamer clouds,
Dancing and flying among the exhilarating breaths
For the dreams keep the things aloft
As long as mortals create illusions(reality)
The race flies,
And as the sun approaches they fall.
Back to the earth, bound forever
To stay still and quiet
Beneath chains of green
Until mortals fall into the trance again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father Time

Father Time
Dedicated to: My papa

The start is unknown
As we begin the stone
Minds are smaller and the day is longer
Bodies are furry, but misplace hair to be stronger
And we move quickly onward
To a place of the bard
With buildings great
And humans that create
The age of bronze is moved past
And the dice are cast
As the unknown becomes known
And the world is grown
As we venture out and discover
That science is a lover
Discover become conquer
The conquered become truer
And revolution springs
Flying on red wings
The sky becomes dark
As the furnaces spark
And war is called out
As Germany spreads on route
Then science turns cold
When the explosion is a sight to behold
Freedom rings through the hills
As minorities demand free will
And time races on
As history is drawn
And the future is never known
Except for the time it’s a clone
And we watch history chime
Thanks to father time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beneath the Ground

Beneath the Ground
Warnings: slightly morbid

Light soil falls to the ground
Burying the thing that should not be found
Shh, quiet don’t make a sound
For bumps that wound
Are all around
On the thing beneath the ground

Friday, May 28, 2010


Warning: Implied violence

Hear the glistening stars
Riding down the path
Dark, twisted and turning
And running and running and running
Scuttle through the glitter and glam
Watching the world in a blur of moments
As the bullet bites the dust
And the head falls apart
The body follows
As the legs shut down
And the stars stop running
And running
And running.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Dedicated to: My mother, who loves nature
Warnings: None

Roaring, rushing, winding it goes
______this immense swift river
And all along the bank of green
_______‘tis leaves that shift and quiver
In the breeze
Leaves that bloom at the brink of spring
_______Bonded to the trees aloft
Guardians that see beyond and past
_______they stand and watch and sing
Afar the guardians of the woodlands
_______lay expanses of green
And the river vast flows down the slope
_______And the grass parts as it surges between
Through the plains and past some deer
_______Grazing on the pasture near
Eventually coming to the great expanse of blue
_______With birds that twitter and fish that sing
Great ships hang off the harbor of the king
_______Floating gently ‘til the next haven
And as the river joins its brother ocean
_______Our journey comes to a close
For we could follow it further still
_______Across the world, miraculous
But we all know, there will always still be more to see
_______As Mother Nature creates
We will continue to be

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reality Conversion

Reality Conversion

Warnings: None really
Idea: I wanted a soft sounding poem about Sci-Fi, so this is what I came up with. For those of you who want to know, the person in this can be any age, though I think of him as a young boy of 12-14 years of age.

He lay against the damp deserted plains
Longingly surveying the night’s sky
With the blinking stars and the shadowy veins
That fell between
Melodiously the sounds of a flute hover over his ears
And time does not pass in seconds, minutes, or years
As the body rests frozen to the earth
Leisurely his eyes take him up and out
And his body rises with the mind
Moving past the windmills
And then the clouds
Eventually traveling above the wind itself
Up and out into the flowing illuminated darkness
His cold body warms as the fervor of the sun touches
Flying past the green and blue sphere
He is tugged across the stars
Planets with rings, and those who are not planets at all
And soon he is flying fast
Until he stops
And bit by bit drops
In front of a different face
One that beams and clicks
And the words that flow from pert lips the color of the green sea
Are soft and bequeath him to be free
And then there is no body, and there is no face
There is only the mind
Which is granted the freedom to twist and travel
To guide and experience
The wide vast forever of space.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Soaring Innocence

Soaring Innocence
Warning: Mentions of blood

The wings quietly fold
Wrapping closely around the shivering body
Soft white frozen death floated deep into the cold
And they touch the ground turning bloody
As he sits in hushed meditation
The glazed over ice formation
Of a once breathing fountain
Cries for the cast out
And only one can hear this shout
His footsteps fall behind the red patch as the bargain
Is struck with sad lines across fate
And the line that was once straight
Begins to twist, turn, and knot
The air burns, boiling hot
The flakes of loss
Are burned before they touch
And the ground catches the crashing cross
As the wings stretch once again
And fly into the warm comforting rain

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dream Mate

Dream Mate
Warning: PG-13

Every night as the clock struck one
He’d dream of the river, the rushing roaring waterway
As it split the two
The liquid poured over the sharp rocks and would spray
Toward the sun as they three
The sun, he and him
Stood and looked upon the bay
His mind slackened, settling down
From the bright day and the crimson life
The knives that pierce and spear
The guns that burst and click and clack
For though they were split
By this hurdle of water
He could feel the security and comfort
From the other, the one on the bank
Across the way
They would stand and smile as the sun observed
And then as his eyes began to close
When the warmth was greatest
When his toe had touched the cool clear water
The sun would erupt and the land would go black
And them two
Would stand as the cold began to leak back
Into his bones and into his eyes
As he watched the other ebb away
And it would be one
Who stood his hands stretched out in a faint plea
He sat up quickly at five to six
The roaring river falling out of his eyes, and the cry
“Don’t go.”
Into the night, and the roaring cars in the street
The sirens sounding from across the way
And then the man was gone
He dare not stay.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spanning the Night

Spanning the Night
Dedicated to my mother far across the tumbling waves of blue.

Into the sun it flies away
The sky grows dark bursting into vibrant array
Lively twinkles sparkle in
The great expanse becomes the twin
Lonely upon the waters
Float the daughters
Between the twinkles and the seekers
Following slowly the moon
And very soon
The twinkles fade
Chased by the shade
That fractures
And lures
The bright illumination
Of creation