Friday, May 28, 2010


Warning: Implied violence

Hear the glistening stars
Riding down the path
Dark, twisted and turning
And running and running and running
Scuttle through the glitter and glam
Watching the world in a blur of moments
As the bullet bites the dust
And the head falls apart
The body follows
As the legs shut down
And the stars stop running
And running
And running.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Dedicated to: My mother, who loves nature
Warnings: None

Roaring, rushing, winding it goes
______this immense swift river
And all along the bank of green
_______‘tis leaves that shift and quiver
In the breeze
Leaves that bloom at the brink of spring
_______Bonded to the trees aloft
Guardians that see beyond and past
_______they stand and watch and sing
Afar the guardians of the woodlands
_______lay expanses of green
And the river vast flows down the slope
_______And the grass parts as it surges between
Through the plains and past some deer
_______Grazing on the pasture near
Eventually coming to the great expanse of blue
_______With birds that twitter and fish that sing
Great ships hang off the harbor of the king
_______Floating gently ‘til the next haven
And as the river joins its brother ocean
_______Our journey comes to a close
For we could follow it further still
_______Across the world, miraculous
But we all know, there will always still be more to see
_______As Mother Nature creates
We will continue to be