Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inside You

Inside You
Note: It sounds really depressing now that I look back at it. I wasn't feeling depressed when I wrote it, actually I was thinking of Batman and Joker. This is what popped out of my brain.
Note 2: This is supposed to be a song, but I have no music for it. Feel free to write your own, just remember to send it to me.

I take one step right, you take one left.
It feels as if we’re going around in circles,
And I can’t feel your hand, playing and deft.
I can’t see your face within the lights of candles.
I can’t seem to find my way.

I’m inside you
Inside you,
And I’ve lost all sense of direction
Looking for a connection
When I’m inside you
I lose all my convictions
You make me subdued

Because you spin, outside of control
And I can’t take
That you’re bringing me in your wake
Because I can’t see your goal
And I can’t find my way

I’m inside you
Inside you,
And I’ve lost all sense of self
Running through these shelves
When I’m inside you
I’ve lost the vision of rules
I’m ending up the fool

I’m inside you,
You’re inside me,
And now I can’t tell which side of the coin,
That I’m supposed to be on.
When I’m inside me,
I’ve realized how much of you is within
And I hope that I’ll be forgiven.