Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Adventures of Miriam and David: Three Silly Puppies

It began, as it always does, with a girl and a boy. The girl had long dark brown hair, it was thick and reached her waist. She took very good care of it, and made sure to wash and brush it every day. Her name was Miriam. The boy had short curly brown hair, bright blue eyes that are always kind peer out from around a beautiful roman nose. His name was David.

They did everything together. From reading on the couch.

 To pulling wires.

To battling cults and dragons.

 And saving puppies.

One day Miriam and David were trekking through the mountains; when they heard a whimpering sound.

“We should go find it,” Miriam, the adventurous one, said.

“Make sure to bring a snake kit just in case,” said David, the prepared one.

When they walked around the curve of the mountain they discovered a small wooden box. Inside the box, were three wet puppies.

“We need to take them home,” David said softly. “We have enough money.”

“They’ll be able to have adventures with us,” agreed Miriam. So they took the puppies home. They quickly realized that they were three very silly puppies.

The first puppy they named Adara. She had bright red fur and was very good at talking with other puppies. But she was very silly…

Sometimes she expected herself to do too much.

“Silly Adara,” Miriam admonished. “You don’t have to do everything. Just take everything one step at a time.”

 So, Adara did. She found it much easier.

The second puppy they named Isaac. He was very pretty with his black fur, and his dark eyes. He could remember everything, even after a few seconds. But he was very silly…

Sometimes he couldn’t stop sleeping.

“Silly Isaac,” David admonished. “If you want to rest, lay on the beach. Then you can get tan while you catch some ‘Z’s”

 So, Isaac did. Hang loose dude.

 The youngest puppy they named Eli. He was extremely smart and could make up worlds in his head. But he was very silly…

Sometimes he forget to do things until the last minute.

“Silly Eli,” Miriam and David grinned. “The best thing to do is write down what you need to do and when.”

So, Eli did. He got everything done, and still had time to run around magical worlds.

And they had many adventures together.

The End