Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The House that Nobody Wants

The House that Nobody Wants
Warnings: Implied violence and murder

Across the pasture and over the hill
Past the ritzy suites and pools
Down a winding road that nobody runs
In a forest that nobody crosses
Lies a house that nobody wants

The gates are lofty and solid
The thorns creep up and wind ‘round
As one rose blooms it falls to the ground
And decays alongside the gates stolid
Outside the house that nobody wants

Grass has browned as deep as the dirt
Growing tall and consuming, no animal remains
No bug crawls into the ground’s veins
And there is, but one tree which has lost all its leaves
Outside the house that nobody wants

The porch creeks and groans as the wind washes through
The paint has curled into itself subdued
By the rocking chair that sways to and fro
The door remains locked even as the sun grows hot
Outside the house that nobody wants

And dark is the hall that keeps the shadows so well
The chandelier flickers dim, the only light in the grim.
The grime sticking close to the floor that is moist
And red runs down through the floorboards unbound
In the house that nobody wants

Right of light is the dining room bright
See if you can, flickers of past pains
Keeping here secret knives along with the spoons
As the food slowly grows rancid and decays through the wood
In the house that nobody wants

Slowly moving out to the ballroom, windows shuttered
Tiles having lost their shine as dust falls loosely around the old wine
Watch as the couples dance, moving through spirits plenty
Music plays restrained not quite there
In the house that nobody wants

Back to the hall and up the stairs, lay rooms stilled
And in one called the ‘guest’ remains nothing to be seen
It has been cleaned out and packaged to stop the injury
Nothing mars this perfect face, except for a crack beside the base
In the house that nobody wants

Venture further through the rooms and come upon
One which has a window open
The bed is made and freshly cleaned
Though dust remains beneath sheets
In the house that nobody wants

Gasping for breath travel on through creeks and turns and groans and moans
Step across the blood around the halls
And through the bared doors
Watch the spirits and ghosts of the past as they begin to peak out
In the house that nobody wants

And through the house the dust begins to clear
The doors become unlocked and painted and dear
Boards that creek become grass that is soft
And ghosts that groan slowly begin to blur
In the house that nobody wants

Softly at first and then louder still, comes the noise of rushing water
Sun pours through alighting the waterfall causing colors to dance
Fairies dance beneath the beam as fauns graze and lush rich green
When the sun is gone the moon alights and the palace becomes silvery white
In the middle of the house that nobody wants

And as you move back out of the house
There are clues that you may have missed
That hint at deeper beautiful things
Even as the grotesque and dreadful cover it up
The locks to protect and keep away even more of the things
In the house that nobody wants

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wraiths of Dreams

Wraiths of Dreams
Warnings: None
Author Notes: This wasn't what I meant to write when I stole my brother's computer, but it is what came out. Hopefully I'll be able to write what I meant to tomorrow.

Through the wood
Across the plain
Shadows grow as night descends.
Things that blend, and steeped with the dark of thousands of thoughts
Creep into the moonlit beam.
Silence encompasses lakes and rivers as the shadows waver
Beneath the luminous wide universe
Shadows stay silent as the dreams of mortals flow past
Creating rivers of arcane visions.
The shadows shimmer as the dreams are soaked and taken
Rising toward the gossamer clouds,
Dancing and flying among the exhilarating breaths
For the dreams keep the things aloft
As long as mortals create illusions(reality)
The race flies,
And as the sun approaches they fall.
Back to the earth, bound forever
To stay still and quiet
Beneath chains of green
Until mortals fall into the trance again.