Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen (Prologue)

Author notes: A fairy tale comedy, this is about as serious as it's going to get.

Once upon a time…
It was said there was a land that was full green planes, and fertile farmland. The warm breeze often passed through it, and the people of the Land were joyful and happy. It was the type of place where puppies played with kittens, who endured it in their usual snobbishness. It was where the lion would play with sheep, without the biting part. Or perhaps it is the exaggeration of a past ended age, because it did end.
All things have to come to an end; even sun and warmth. This end began with the sudden illness of the King of the Land. Slowly at first, he was unable to stay on his feet for very long. He would refuse food and go to bed early. Then one day he collapsed while attending a fair. He was forced to bed by the healers of his house, and his seven month pregnant wife spent the next two months by his side. She tended him, washing off dirt, talking and supporting. Eventually the King could not walk at all, as if something had eaten the muscles of his once strong legs. He succumbed to his illness the day before his wife went into labor.
Grief stricken the Queen stayed alive only to whisper her daughters name.
Only a few days after and the court was in ruins, no one knew who was supposed to ascend the throne. The royal family had no relatives to speak of. The healer who had helped bear the young Princess clutched her desperately to her chest. Things continued this way until eventually the doors of the palace were flung open. A cold breeze fluttered through the grand hall and a man stepped into the golden room.
A cold smile formed on his lips as he past the nobles who all shivered and drew into themselves. He wore a white cape thin and silky that seemed to caress his form. He had a short white beard that covered his whole lower half. White boots moved over sturdy white leather pants. He wore silver buttons and a white silk shirt.
He bent over the healer and took the new born baby from her arms. As he touched the princess her hair turned white as snow, and her skin became icy.
“I will care for her until of age,” said the man. “For now I will take these lands for Mr. Winter.”
And all around the Land small snowflakes began to fall. Eventually the freezing cold covered everything, and the crops died. People began to shrink into their homes… and the Princess grew up.
When she came of age, Mr. Winter did hand the throne over to her as he said he would, but when he left the snow and ice did not go with him. He had left a shard of himself deep with the new Queen. The Land would remain barren, cursed to an eternal winter.