Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father Time

Father Time
Dedicated to: My papa

The start is unknown
As we begin the stone
Minds are smaller and the day is longer
Bodies are furry, but misplace hair to be stronger
And we move quickly onward
To a place of the bard
With buildings great
And humans that create
The age of bronze is moved past
And the dice are cast
As the unknown becomes known
And the world is grown
As we venture out and discover
That science is a lover
Discover become conquer
The conquered become truer
And revolution springs
Flying on red wings
The sky becomes dark
As the furnaces spark
And war is called out
As Germany spreads on route
Then science turns cold
When the explosion is a sight to behold
Freedom rings through the hills
As minorities demand free will
And time races on
As history is drawn
And the future is never known
Except for the time it’s a clone
And we watch history chime
Thanks to father time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beneath the Ground

Beneath the Ground
Warnings: slightly morbid

Light soil falls to the ground
Burying the thing that should not be found
Shh, quiet don’t make a sound
For bumps that wound
Are all around
On the thing beneath the ground