Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lost Traveler: A Fairytale

The Lost Traveler: A Fairytale
Warning: None

There is one man that travels the earth
Who used to defeat wrongs and create the birth
Of hope to all and goodness forever
He ran wild and free, believing his chosen field
Until he was told, that a hand above drove his endeavor.

Suddenly he had no choice at all
Instead of helping those that had harm befall
He was forced to do tasks that were termed ‘good’
By those that would use humanity’s misunderstood
Community to control the ignorant masses.

And as his illusion fell from his eyes he began to realize
That ‘good’ was nothing more than effort to demoralize
Those that are ‘evil’.

So he scuttled into those places that were dark and damp
Away from the all seeing sun and the crony’s clamp
For under the shining light is what is true
Beneath the façade, absent are the fabrications
So he followed the path into the said damnation.

And he stayed in a corner of the dirty streets
Determined to choose something for himself, even if it was his defeats.
It was here, in the places that ‘good’ people ignored
In the place where those who have sinned had fallen that the traveler
Had his ability to alleviate pain restored.

One child came up to him and handed him the hope of life.
“Mama said I couldn’t keep him,” said the child. “But he needs to live too.”
And the traveler was soon looking down at a runt of a kitten.
The naïve green eyes stared up at him and it gave a soft mew

It was this simple creature, a being that had been deemed beneath those that ruled
That restored the traveler’s core being.
He could still help those who needed it, all those who needed it.
Instead of helping the ‘good’, he’d help humanity.
There was no need for a reward, or a paradise after he lived.

He lived now, the kitten lived now, everything that lived now was what mattered
His choice was clear, morality had nothing to do with the being in the sky
And everything to do with this kitten battered
He was done being the fall guy
To those who couldn’t accept those who were different
And used the all seeing being as an excuse
To bruise and tear and split apart the psyche and physical well being of those they detest

So the traveler began to move among the masses of the dark
Spreading the truth, that the all seeing being was not all powerful
And the kitten followed this path that they embarked
Small and frail though it was, it grew and was delightful
As those that were wronged invaded the shining façade
And blew up the illusions that were told around the world

As those that were wronged were brought to light
The traveler and kitten were freed overnight
To go about the world and help all who needed it
From the smallest atom to the largest mammal
And the all seeing being in the sky ceased to exist