Monday, March 29, 2010

Soaring Innocence

Soaring Innocence
Warning: Mentions of blood

The wings quietly fold
Wrapping closely around the shivering body
Soft white frozen death floated deep into the cold
And they touch the ground turning bloody
As he sits in hushed meditation
The glazed over ice formation
Of a once breathing fountain
Cries for the cast out
And only one can hear this shout
His footsteps fall behind the red patch as the bargain
Is struck with sad lines across fate
And the line that was once straight
Begins to twist, turn, and knot
The air burns, boiling hot
The flakes of loss
Are burned before they touch
And the ground catches the crashing cross
As the wings stretch once again
And fly into the warm comforting rain

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dream Mate

Dream Mate
Warning: PG-13

Every night as the clock struck one
He’d dream of the river, the rushing roaring waterway
As it split the two
The liquid poured over the sharp rocks and would spray
Toward the sun as they three
The sun, he and him
Stood and looked upon the bay
His mind slackened, settling down
From the bright day and the crimson life
The knives that pierce and spear
The guns that burst and click and clack
For though they were split
By this hurdle of water
He could feel the security and comfort
From the other, the one on the bank
Across the way
They would stand and smile as the sun observed
And then as his eyes began to close
When the warmth was greatest
When his toe had touched the cool clear water
The sun would erupt and the land would go black
And them two
Would stand as the cold began to leak back
Into his bones and into his eyes
As he watched the other ebb away
And it would be one
Who stood his hands stretched out in a faint plea
He sat up quickly at five to six
The roaring river falling out of his eyes, and the cry
“Don’t go.”
Into the night, and the roaring cars in the street
The sirens sounding from across the way
And then the man was gone
He dare not stay.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spanning the Night

Spanning the Night
Dedicated to my mother far across the tumbling waves of blue.

Into the sun it flies away
The sky grows dark bursting into vibrant array
Lively twinkles sparkle in
The great expanse becomes the twin
Lonely upon the waters
Float the daughters
Between the twinkles and the seekers
Following slowly the moon
And very soon
The twinkles fade
Chased by the shade
That fractures
And lures
The bright illumination
Of creation