Thursday, December 9, 2010

In which Detinos is delayed at the airport

In Which Detinos is delayed at the airport
Warnings: Character is inconsiderate, and something of a peacock. Multiple partners situation, murder, and Detinos.
Notes: This is a character from an RP that me Amanda, and Kim made up. I thought I'd post my shorts here so I can find them easier. Also character is immortal (in the way that he is young forever).

Geoffry walked down the hall and into his master's bedroom. glancing down at the sleeping figure he sighed and opened the curtains. Outside the busy street of Rome was already starting to fill with pedestrians. He looked back at his master and sighed again when he saw that he had simply drawn the covers up to his eyes.

"Sir," he said as patiently as he could. "Your flight is scheduled to take off in two hours."

"Go away Geoffry," came Detinos' muffled voice. "'is too early." Geoffry frowned and went over to the bed, he tugged the bed covers away from Detinos' figure and nearly blushed bright red (luckily his butler code would not allow him to do so) at the sight of the two women and three men in bed with his master.

"Well now you've just woken us all up," said Detinos in an amused voice. He was now sitting up, his black hair perfectly mussed and green eyes sparkling with mirth. The people around him laughed and giggled at the obviously distressed butler. Detinos ran his hands through one of the men nearest to him's hair, smirking as his lovers pressed closer to him.

"Now, now my friends," he said in Italian. "I must go." Groans of disappointment sounded through his room. "I would have it different if I could."

"No, Mr. Detinos don't go," said one of the women. "What if we never see you again?"

"Ah, well. At least you can tell your friends about your wonderful experience," Detinos smirked. "Or not at your discretion." Bouts of laughter sounded through the room again.

"Where do you go Mr. Detinos?" asked one of the men.

"Back to the United States I'm afraid," he said with an almost put upon sigh. There were gasps.

"Oh, no! You should not go there, they do not like foreigners! Stay here with us instead," the man brushed a kiss against Detinos' lips, and the immortal was more then happy to deepen it. They broke off and the man flushed.

"Ah, mes amis how kind of you to worry for me," he said. "But I must go, business you know." he stood and stretched, taking the towel that Geoffry held out to him. "And now ladies and gentlemen I must bid you farewell. Have a good life will you?" With that he turned and walked away without another thought.

After showering he put on his silk red shirt with a golden scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. His gun was strapped onto his hip underneath the light knee length gold coat that he wore. Black sturdy pants were put on and then his shined black boots.

He looked at himself in the mirror with a smirk. "Quite fetching sir," said Geoffry stiffly.

Detinos scoffed. "Of course anything looks good on me." He stepped out of the mansion and onto the curb just as his limo drove up. The driver quickly opened the door. Stepping in he turned to the phone that was in its holster. A little old fashioned perhaps in this day and age of cell phones, but really with all the people who knew him it would be tantamount to social suicide if he carried a contraption like that around with him.

Picking it up he called the line to his company in Coltson. A peppy young secretary picked up the phone and immediately rerouted him to one of the managers.

“Sir,” stumbled the voice over the phone. “I’m glad you called.”

“I’m not,” Detinos said in a cool voice. He avoided smirking at the squeak he heard. “What is so urgent that I simply must come across an entire ocean for?”

“W-well,” the man said. “We have picked out a new CEO and thought, you would want to see them.”

“A new CEO? What happened to the old one?”

“You, uh you shot him sir.”

“Oh, did I?” There was a pause. “Ah, yes I remember he was that idiot who thought putting more of my assets into charity would be a good idea. You haven’t gotten another one those types I trust?”

“No, no sir.” Detinos gave a put upon sigh.

“Very well then, I will be there in a day or two.”

“Thank you sir, thank y-“ Detinos clicked the phone off and leaned back in his chair.


Detinos showed no outward sign of impatience, but as the pilot continued to stumble over his words trying to explain why they were late in taking off, he had just about had it.

“I see, a four hour delay,” he said in dangerous calm. “Well, that simply won’t do.” His pistol was out and a shot rang through the airline. The pilot’s body fell. Detinos ignored his people running up to collect the body as he turned to the co-pilot. “Why don’t you explain it to me again?”

The now pilot shook his head. “No delays sir,” he said with only a slight tremble in his voice.

“Good,” said Detinos and entered his private jet. He would be at the RIFH soon. It had been nearly nine years since he had been there. He smiled slightly. It was sure to be a riot.

Night's Unsleep

Night’s Unsleep
Warnings: Written after getting zero hours of sleep
Notes: The Painting is Slavadar Doli

Waking up from a long night’s vigilance
And all around running through your ears is dissonance
Because it’s not really there
It’s at the bottom of the eyre
Floating all numb tingling up the spine
And it’s all truly strange, now there’s a line
Between hands and eyes and mind
And they should be all affined.
So stand there and stare
Because you you’re disconnected from there
And it will only last a time