Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back
Warnings: Creepy

Take one look
You’ll have to turn again
Take two looks
It’s time to rein your eyes
Take three looks
Now your neck won’t spin
Take four looks
Shoulders have become stiff
Take five looks
Hips have begun to quiver
Take six looks
Now you can’t feel your lids
Take seven looks
Knees are locked
Take eight looks
Ankles have been killed
Take nine looks
Toes are frozen, you’ve been sucked in
Take ten looks
You’ll never move again

Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope
Warnings: Depressing

Because you know, we used to get along
Throughout the years, and now it’s all wrong
We’re breaking apart, don’t think I blame you
But don’t expect me to blame me, I’m not going to make do

Because you know, I wish I’d become less subdued
These past months all you’ve done is brood
I can’t seem to catch you as you fall
All I’ve done is tied the rope just to forestall

Because you know, the only person that can climb
Is you, but you won’t even try to wash off the grime
We’re falling apart, I’m falling as well
Don’t think you’re the only one, to hear the sound of the knell