Monday, September 13, 2010

Traveling Poems

Traveling Poems

Author note: A bunch of small poems about what I saw on Trax today. Fun, silly, and not well thought out. Some of these things did not happen, others did. I didn't see a crash for example.

Broken fence by the wayside
Bending awkwardly without a care
As the train goes by
It catches my eye
And sets in motion
This poem

Pretty car rolls on by
As a truck flies past it’s rear
And a bouncing tire hits the trax
Causing quite a crash

Big pink bag
In the lap
Bright and blinding
Has a V for victory
And houses all those precious things
Like an orange cell phone

Pile of logs
By a hog
Piled up high
Right up to the sky
Come crashing down
Never to be found

And the clock blinks five
As the sun falls down the sky
The wind blows hot
Winter it is not
Passing brown grass
Through the window glass

Old, boring building old
Has suddenly become bold
With bright orange and gold
Painted, waiting to be told

Giant glass hospital
Sits in the middle
With parking lot loud
And blue signs around

Electric plant sizzles
As sparks and things fizzle
Around the wires
People talk flyers

Blinking light blink
Red and warning
Don’t go another inch
Or you’ll loose your stitch

Freeway towers
Right over the flowers
And cars and things too
As the yellow flags fly

White fence that represents
Family and friends and green grass
Stereotype of the fifties alright
Except it’s up on a wall
And has a screaming pit-bull

Tennis ball bounce
Over the net it goes, but to far
It’s landed in the neighbor’s yard

Flowers dear
Grow up in the rear
On the stone
As the brush goes up
And paints the wide petals

And as the line comes to a stop
I hear the driver talk
“End of the line. It’s time to get off.”