Sunday, April 24, 2011

Detinos on the Easter Holidays

Detinos on the Easter Holidays

Warnings: Drunkenness, underlining sexual tones, two men kissing, pessimistic view of Easter. Detinos in general.

Notes: All of Detinos' butlers are called Geoffrey, in case you couldn't tell from the previous stories. This is a fantasy. Detinos is immortal in a young forever kind of way.

“Because it’s really a fertility holiday,” muttered Detinos to the empty room. The vodka bottle in his hand dropped unceremoniously to the ground. “So why, am I not out getting laid, by several people?” He chuckled in self pity. Groaning the immortal curled up on himself.

Detinos was situated quite comfortably on his couch in his condo. The condo was at the top of Detinos World in New York. The condo’s walls were all glass making the city’s tiny lights seem like stars. Especially with how Detinos’ head was spinning. Wouldn’t it be weird if the lights fell into the sky? The immortal giggled. Oh, he was way too drunk.


He hadn’t been this drunk in century.


This wasn’t his fault.


Why was he remembering this now? He locked these memories away. Deep, deep into the darkest places. In the alleys where lights never came on in the night.

“Sir, are you alright?”

He hated Easter.

“Sir! Do you need a Doctor?”

Idiotic Pagan turned Christian holiday. This is your fault entirely Geoffrey.

“I don’t need a Doctor. Don’t be silly Geoffrey.” His eyes turned up to his butler. This one had black hair, and he was young. Very young, why he couldn’t be more then thirty-five! His eyes had closed involuntarily. “I am just spectacularly drunk.” He blinked as his head was pulled up and then placed on a lap. Geoffrey’s lap. A hand brushed his forehead, and he snickered. “You used to do this all the time, on Easter,” he whispered. The hand paused.

“Who was he?”

“Who was who?” Detinos murmered.

“The original Geoffrey. Who was he?” Detinos opened his eyes again and looked up at the blurry face. He frowned.

“No! I can’t” Detinos shouted gripping the man’s hair almost desperately. Blood was caked in the chocolate colored locks.

“It’s alright. I want you to live Captain,” the man smiled, his hand came up and brushed Detinos’ hair back from his eyes. “My Captain.”

“But-“ Detinos hissed with tears in his voice. Another hand brushed his neck possessively.

“He’s fading, do it quickly,” said a voice that sounded like three.

“A lesson that I had to relearn,” the immortal said in a sober voice. His teal eyes squeezed shut in anguish. He sat up slightly and brushed his lips against the butler’s. “Geoffrey…” Detinos gave a shuddering dry sob, but no tears came.

“Detinos,” whispered Geoffrey. The immortal kissed the man again.

“Don’t leave me.”

It was another hour before the immortal had fallen into a fitful sleep. The butler looked down at the sleeping man and shook his head. “That’s not my name,” he said softly. He moved gently away, placing Detinos’ head onto the soft pillow below. The new Geoffrey moved over to the glass walls and looked down on the city celebrating. He smiled ironically. The city celebrated the rebirth of Christ, after they had tortured and murdered him. All so they could feel better about themselves.

He moved away and pressed a button on the remote. Curtains appeared in the ceiling and dropped gracefully in front of the glass blocking out the burning lights. Geoffrey sighed and moved out of the room, leaving his employer to his nightmares.

Detinos shivered and opened his eyes. He looked at the door as it clicked shut. He sighed slightly and began to sit up. A hand, the same hand, pressed upon his neck keeping him stomach down on the couch. The immortal froze before grim smile appeared on his lips.

“What do you want?” he asked in a drawl that had a tint of drunkenness. An older man stepped into his view. He was smiling grimly, the white hair flowing gently down until his shoulders. His outfit seemed to blend perfectly into the shadows. He leaned heavily on a cane and his back was slightly bent. The Curmudgeon, was the form that he had decided to appear in. The hand on his neck tightened slightly at the immortal’s tone. He glanced behind himself to catch the sparkle of silver. This man was middle aged, strong sturdy shoulders. The Caviler, sat on his haunches straddling Detinos’ lower back. Now where was the third?

Ah, Detinos twitched slightly as he felt a hand caress his calf. The last was a younger man, in poet clothes a charming smile and dimples. The Swain, was possessively moving his hand further up his leg. The Triangle, trio, (Detinos snorted slightly) the trinity, had descended onto the world.

“I am of course flattered,” Detinos said trying to keep his mind straight, “that you would visit me.”

The Curmudgeon gripped the immortal’s chin roughly, jerking his eyes up to meet his. “We wanted to make sure-“ he said angrily.

“-that you were still ours-“ continued the deep undertones of the Caviler.

“-and hadn’t given yourself over to love,” finished the higher voice of the Swain. Detinos gave a harsh laugh.

“Love is a figment of humanity’s over active imagination,” the immortal said dismissively. “Why would I give myself up for such a thing?”

“We are glad-“ said the Swain with a sweet smile.

“-that his death-“ grumbled the Curmudgeon.

“-wasn’t in vain,” whispered the Caviler. Detinos stiffened under the hands.

“My memories,” he said angrily. “You brought them forward. Why? Why now? Why today?”

“Today is the day of martyrs,” replied the Caviler.

“Today is the day of rebirth and renewal,” said the Swain messaging Detinos’ upper thighs with both hands.

“Today is the day of-“ the Curmudgeon smirked and brushed Detinos’ lower lip with his thumb. “- fertility.”

“Ah,” Detinos said almost smugly, but the wavering grief took away from the effect. “So that is what you want.” The Swain breathed in, and the Cavilear let out a woosh of air, ending with the Curmudgeon sighing.

“Yes,” the three voices said as one. “Show us that you are still ours, our agent.” Detinos obediently opened his mouth as the Curmudgeon kissed him.

“Good,” the other two whispered. Detinos shut his eyes and all the lights went out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Detinos meets Area 51

Detinos meets Area 51

Warnings: Detinos naked, violence, implied drug use, sexual innuendos, cross-dressing, some language.
Notes:There was this whole other scene I was going to add with the aliens, but decided not to since it was already so long. Maybe I'll write it later.

It hadn’t been too strange for Detinos to wake up on an unfamiliar cold floor. Not since the sixties had started in the U.S. at least. It was quite common for the last few months. Usually though he woke up with someone (or several someones) either on top or under him (or beside him or…). The glass walls were new too. At least the lack of clothing was the same. He wondered if he should bother getting up.

His headache said no, he shouldn’t. In fact, he groaned as he attempted to open his eyes, I won’t even bother waking up. This seemed for a plan, except for that incessant tapping.

“Would you mind terribly,” Detinos muttered, “stopping that bloody noise.” The tapping stopped, and he nearly smirked. “Wonderful.” His eyes flickered open and he stared at the woman in a lab coat. Lab coat. Bollocks.

He hummed and put his arms under his chin, not bothering to get off his stomach. His eyes fixed on the lab coat. Detinos did smirk when the woman took a slight step back. “Going to probe me sweetie?” he asked in a mocking tone. The woman blushed.
“Y-you speak English,” she stammered. “English- English.” Sharp this one.

“Yes, England is where the language originated from,” Detinos said. He licked his lips seemingly unknowing. He pushed himself up slightly and pressed his hand against the glass wall. “Think you can get me some water my dear? I am parched.” The woman blushed again and moved to the side of the… room, though perhaps large tube is a better description of the glass containment unit. Detinos bit back a snort at that thought.

“Mira!” said an angry voice. A male doctor came storming into view; his white lab coat billowing behind him. Detinos tilted his head and a smirk began to form on his lips. The woman’s (Mira as she seemed to called) blush deepened as the man grabbed the cup of water and placed it back on the desk. “You aren’t supposed to speak with the subjects.” Ah ha, Detinos rolled his eyes. So this is the famed Area 51.

“Now, now,” he said in a condescending mock calming voice, “so informal. Surely she deserves to be called doctor? That’s the new ‘in’ thing these days, equality of the sexes and all that.” The man turned on the immortal. Well if looks could kill, grinned Detinos.

“Shut up alien,” said the man. Detinos gave a surprised roar of laughter.

Alien!?” he whooped in joy. The man’s face began to turn an awful shade of deep red, in anger. “You really have no idea what you’re doing do you?” Detinos’ eyes sparked with malicious mirth. “You – you- little mortals playing with toys you don’t comprehend. Didn’t you read the instruction manual?” His hand pressed up against the container. He stretched and pulled himself up. He pressed his forehead against the cool container. Both hands were splayed above his head. He groaned and opened his eyes. He was gratified when the two doctors stepped back. “Some of us are more than just a… chockinghazard.”

The man slammed his fist against the glass tube right where Detinos’ eyes were. The immortal wiped his tongue luridly across the spot where the knuckles were. He chuckled at the man’s disgusted look. The male doctor spun around (lab coat billowing once again).

“Uhm,” said Mira, blushing lightly, “here’s your water.” Detinos watched carefully as the ground of the glass tube slid open. He glanced down and saw the water had been slid into a cubby of some sort. Handy, he thought and picked up the cup.

“Thank you my dear,” he said. His eyes watched Mira move away from his tube before he spoke up again. “You don’t have to let him push you around.” She jumped in surprise.

“Oh, but-“

“There aren’t many woman Doctors, despite it being 1965. It would have taken a lot of courage to go through all the training,” he tilted his head slightly. “You must be stronger than this.”

Mira’s brown hair fell lightly in front of her face. “Yes,” she said sadly. “I – you’re right.” She looked up again , but her eyes weren’t on Detinos. They had followed the path of the other doctor.

“Ah,” said the immortal knowingly. “You’re in lust with him.” She blushed brightly again.

“In love,” she corrected. Detinos’ lips twitched.

“There is no such thing my dear,” he said.

“Surely you’ve been in love?” asked Mira in shock.

“What need have I with love?” he shrugged the comment off. “No, trust me it only causes people to walk all over you. Lust is natural, pleasurable. Love is a socially constructed concept to bring some honor to the rutting we are compelled to do.” His eyes twinkled in sudden mirth. “Though I think you must be some sort of crazy to want him, but not me.” He pouted. “You wound me truly.”

Mira gave a small laugh, and another blush. “You should not say such things.”

“And if I don’t say them who will?” Detinos said with a tragic sigh. “There is no one here to expand on the splendor that is me. Though of course you are a beautiful thing to look at as well.” Mira chocked back laughter.

“Now, I know you are teasing.”

“I am quite serious,” said Detinos said in a mock insulted tone. “You have beautiful hair. Like silky European chocolate, it falls into your face so gracefully.” Mira began to blush darker. “And you’re neck is so long and slender. It compliments you’re delicate shoulders, which are strong showing your independence.” Detinos smiled lavishly as Mira began to stutter. “Should I go lower?” he purred.

“No,” she squeaked. “I’ll just… I’ll just be going.” Detinos low chuckle followed her out of the room.

It took only a few hours for Detinos to get bored enough to put into play an escape plan. He leaned gracefully against the cool glass and hoped that he wouldn’t be in the ghastly base over night. He would be freezing otherwise.

His eyes had begun to close when the swishing sound of the door opening. How very Doctor Who of them, thought Detinos. He heard the hiss of anger and his eyes opened. The male doctor was back. The fist was banging on the glass tube again too.

“Get up!” the man hissed. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Me?” Detinos replied innocently. “I’ve done nothing.”

“This,” the man pointed at the sexual innuendos that had been scratched into the glass. Detinos had a fun time coming up with them after he had broken the cup.

“That,” repeated the immortal dully. “I didn’t do that.” There was a frustrated growl from the man. The fist slammed against the tube again, before the man backed up and pulled something out of his jacket. A gun, Detinos almost laughed in delight. The glass tube suddenly slipped open.

“Get out,” the man said. Detinos held his hands up and jumped from the glass tube. Before the man could step back, the immortal’s hand had struck. The gun was whipped out of the doctor’s hand, and Detinos’ knee was in his diaphragm causing the air to whoosh out of his body. The doctor collapsed gasping to the ground. Detinos kicked him elegantly in the shoulder causing the doctor to fall on his back.

The immortal climbed quickly onto the man and gripped his wrists in one hand. The gun remained in his other hand. He hadn’t even needed to drop it during the encounter. He ‘tsked’ disappointedly at the man.

“Really you shouldn’t underestimate some based on their height,” he said with a grin. Indeed the doctor had to have a good half a foot on the immortal. He had broader shoulders too, not that it had made any difference. He placed the gun on the ground within easy reach. His hands began to search the doctor, professionally of course. He pulled the hand cuffs that were under the lab coat out and clipped them to the man’s wrist. He looped it around the steel stand that had held his glass tube, before clicking on the next wrist.

“Don’t worry,” Detinos said, spotting the fear in the doctor’s eyes. “The worst I’ll do is kill you.” He laughed as the man’s eyes narrowed. “Not reassuring? It should be.” He grabbed the gun again and pointed it at the man’s head. “Now, where are my clothes, and more importantly; where is my gun?”

“B-back room,” the man gasped out. Detinos stood up quickly and made his way to the back room.

The doctor had spoken truly. His gun and clothes were indeed there. He donned them with more haste then usual and slipped out of the room again. He ignored the doctor’s curses as he headed out the only other door.

He wasn’t surprised to find a large warehouse like room with many different species caught in glass tubes. Many of them were aliens, others he was sure had come from different dimensions. His eyes flickered to a slight sound to the side of him. His gun had been drawn and fired before the last echoes of the clang had faded away. A doctor he didn’t know lay dead beside the alarm. He had never reached it.

Detinos made his way to the switch in the center of the room. “Well,” he said allowed to the silent specimens around. “I need a distraction. Do you mind if I release you?” There was a sudden roar of approval that caused a ringing in Detinos’ ears. His finger flicked the switch and all the glass tubes rose disappearing into the high ceiling above.

There was pandemonium after that. Different species ran every which way, some attacked the security guards that had appeared, others crashed out the windows. Detinos wound his way through the crowd, easily avoiding every blow, breath of fire, and large foot. He’d made it to the exit within a few moments.

He stepped out of the building and brought his gun out. Security yelled at him to freeze. He grinned slightly as they became flustered when he didn’t stop. They opened fire and Detinos found himself dodging bullets. His gun hand shot and hit every guard he aimed at. In his other hand his staff twirled deflecting the bullets that he wasn’t able to dodge.

There was another shout from one of the commanders and the gate around the compound began to close. Detinos darted forward, tucking into a roll to avoid the bullets. The gate clanged shut behind him. He gave a whoop of exhilaration before continuing to run. He wasn’t exactly sure how far he ran before coming to the town. It was probably a few good miles. He was out of breath by the time he got there. Not good, he thought sadly. During my time in the underground I could have ran longer than that. Hmm, I think it’s time to give up the delightful drugs that those hippies introduced me to.

He glanced behind himself and spotted a light on the horizon. Time to hide then, he thought. He gripped the ledge of the nearest building and pulled himself into the window right before a truck passed by him. There was a slight squawk of indignation and a on flipped a light. Detinos glanced up and saw a twenty-something year old girl looking at him with wide eyes.

He smiled. “Pardon the intrusion, but might it be possible for me to borrow some of your clothes?” The girl nodded in shock and Detinos went quickly over to the closet. He began to go through it, wrinkling his nose at most of the dresses. Eventually he found a pretty black dress with rose print. Smiling he turned to the girl who stared now with curiosity at this strange man.

“May I change this slightly?” he asked. She giggled and nodded. It was about a half hour before Detinos was able to finish his disguise. He was lucky that he had let his hair grow out in the style of his hippie friends, and that he had shaved his beard recently. It took a simple bra stuffed with water balloons to finish it off. The girl had been quite helpful with that part.

Detinos hummed in thought and looked over his shoulder. “How do I look my dear? Sexy?” He grinned at her slight chuckle when he ran his hand up his inner thigh. The girl nodded and blushed. “Then I bid you farewell.” He bent to kiss the girl’s hand, but was pulled up sharply and kissed. “Hmm,” he said in agreement. “Till we meet again.”

With that he jumped out of the window. Perhaps I should lay low in Mexico until this blows over, he thought with a sigh. I must get a hold of Geoffrey so we can make arrangements.