Tuesday, December 4, 2012

He and She

Notes: The second of Christmas prompts. This one was: Favorite couple. So it is dedicated to my mom and dad.
Warnings: None

She plays with computers,
He’s her only suitor.
She’s able to act,
He can subtract.
He conquers the world,
She has hair that curled.

He’s an intellect,
She’s able to connect.
He’s sometimes quiet,
She’s sometimes on a diet.
She becomes anti-social,
He becomes coastal.

One is different,
One is the same.
And we all exclaim,
They’re just that special person.

The First

Notes: This is the first of these prompts, from the wonderful Xobit. 
Warnings: Implied violence

The First

Jamie hummed softly as she cut up the vegetables for the stir fry. She hadn't had time to cook lately, work had been overly busy considering it wasn't the Holiday season yet. Unfortunately, she sighed, Christmas decorations were already up in the stores an dit wasn't even Halloween yet. She had gotten a call from her friend, Tiffany asking if she wanted to have dinner. Jamie had agreed, but only if she was cooking. She still remembered the first time that Tiffany had tried to cook.

She didn't think it was possible to start a fire with water. But somehow her good friend had done it. She was banned from the kitchen for life.

Tiffany had been just as busy as her. Running an amusement park took a lot of work after all. But Tiff thrived under the pressure, she loved the chaotic happiness of tourists coming to their city for the first time or for the fiftieth time. Jamie was just glad that she had an office job dealing with numbers instead of people. Numbers were easy and predictable, people were... not. But this just meant that she and Tiffany were unable to see each other for the last month. Tiffany worried that Jamie was becoming too anti-social... Jamie worried that Tiffany was going to drive a go-cart off a cliff.

Jamie flicked her golden brown hair behind her ear and flipped the stir fry in the pan. Emerald green eyes glanced at the clock. Tiffany was supposed to be here in an hour, but there was no doubt in her mind that the red head would be rudely early as she always was.

She turned down the burner and undid her apron, and the bell rang. Jamie stifled a grin as she opened it. Tiffany at least was predictable... in an unpredictable way.

"Jamie!" leaf green eyes flashed by as Jamie was engulfed in a giant hug. "I'm so glad to see you! I was worried that you'd become a shut it with no one around. I had nightmares that you were just staring at numbers all day long and you slowly decayed and became a gray blob-"

Jamie rolled her eyes. "It's good to see you again too Tiff." She pulled the red head into the house and shut the door.

"-But Odette said I was just being silly, not that she ever really pays attention to what I'm saying. She's too busy looking at Logan. I was being serious too, it was really weird too!"

Jamie placed a plate down in front of Tiffany and frowned. “What’s weird?” she asked. The red head huffed and frowned.

“Weren’t you listening? It’s my phone- it… I called the company, but-“ Jamie frowned as she listened. Tiffany hardly ever stuttered. “I found this strange screen. It keeps popping up every few minutes. It has my name, all my likes, my birthday- you know basic information – but it also has my work, and it’s recording my heartbeat…”

“What?” Jamie leaned closer as Tiffany got out her phone. The brunette’s heart had started beating quickly. On Tiffany’s screen was her heartbeat and her location. Jamie’s house. “Tiff you called the company?” she asked panicking. “Why?”

Tiffany looked at her innocently. “Was that the wrong thing to do?”

Jamie opened her lips to yell, ‘yes it was!’, but she was never able to. Suddenly everything around them went deathly silent. Jamie lay on her side never noticing how she had gotten there. She groaned and rolled onto her back. Her ears began ringing and she heard screaming. Tiffany’s screaming.

“Please remain calm,” murmured an emotionless voice. “You will be re-assimilated momentarily.” Jamie blinked her emerald eyes trying to clear them. “The First wish you a good day.”

 She watched blurrily as Tiffany was carted out of the room, before everything went black.