Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful

Notes: I was being very cynical when I was writing this... happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Be thankful for clothes so fine
Be thankful that the sun will shine
Be thankful for the straight standing pine
Be thankful for food to dine.

Be thankful for freedom rare
Be thankful for our great health care
Be thankful for the dreams to be billionaires
Be thankful that we don't swear.

Be thankful that we have no more slaves
Be thankful that our military is so brave
Be thankful we stop all knaves
Be thankful for being saved.

Being thankful can not be forced.
And I have to wonder why I should just acquiesce.

Clothes so fine bought with money that is mine
Shining sun, made by no one
Tall straight pine, knocked down to build a rail line
Food and juice, could be given for someone else to use.

Freedom is through, only wanted for you
Health care not so great, you can find better during a prison break
Billionaires are nice, but only for a price
Swearing is small, compared to the violence of the world's brawls.

Slaves were freed through grace, we made them in the first place
Bravery is relative, when so many are corruptive
But what are knaves, if not someone else's braves
No need to be thankful, having someone push their gospel.

So remember this Thanksgiving,
To never push your own cheering
To let everyone do their own thinking
On what it means to be thanking.